There is always this one thing that made all the difference in my business which I believe will do the same for you.

It forced me into the right momentum. I became more pumped with energy and consistently motivated. I started taking massive action.

If you are having low days when you feel so down or not in the zone to do something maybe because of some personal matters that affect your productivity, I have one tip for you that will get you going and work hard.

Have a blitz!

When I was just starting in the industry, I tried a lot of strategies. I didn’t know where to focus. My network marketing team had a Facebook blitz. And in that blitz, we had a shared Google document wherein all members are listed as well as our daily tasks.

For each task indicated in the file, there’s a corresponding point. For instance, a new friend added or accepted is 5 points, a new chat initiated is 10 points, a shared link is 30 points, and a 30-minute personal development is 50 points. There are many other related tasks that members compete on. Those who have the most number of points after 30 days will get prizes accordingly.

This blitz is indeed something engaging, social and will make you stay motivated. When you see your tasks, it makes you want to nail all of it fast and make more and more points.

It’s not only to help you stay motivated, but you can also have so much fun doing it! You connect with other and get to know your team better.

One nice thing about having a blitz is that you can do it alone.

I’ve done it several times alone. When I started to feel like I’m losing track and focus of what I need to be doing, and always all over the place, having a blitz has helped a lot.

It made me more focused and organized. It also allows me to manage my time better and plan my week ahead.

What’s nice about doing this alone – I get to decide my own rewards!

When I get to a certain number of points, I reward myself! For instance, xx points – I go to a restaurant with a friend or with my family, xx points – I can hire a personal trainer. Focus first on you short-term goals when you are doing the blitz.

So, that’s how you do a Facebook blitz. It’s not only a fun thing to do but will get you moving and accomplishing more things!

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