A lot of people who are new to network marketing industry, they have a challenging time on how to get their first few sign-ups. Most of the time, they get asked how much they are earning, what is the potential of their business and if they have any actual successful results they can share.

If you are one of them, there will be people who will tell you to take your upline’s results and print screen everything as your proof of results. You have to be careful about that. You cannot just share other people’s results and claim that it’s yours. You have to be genuine with your prospects.

When people start to join your business opportunity, eventually, they will know. They are going to meet you in a lot of training like in mastermind training, or any training that you host. It is inevitable. They will see and know your real results. You do not want to be embarrassed or worse, be called a fraud. That’s kind of not where you want to be.

I’m going to share with you 2 tips that totally changed my business 100 percent. I’m sure that it will also do the same thing to you if you implement it right.

1. Invest in yourself

I want to share my personal story on how I started things out.

I live in Israel and most of the network marketing companies are based in the United States wherein the annual events and mastermind retreats are held. So, it was twice challenging for me. When I started, I had no money for membership and mentorship training.

Coming to the US is totally out of the question plus I had a four-month-old daughter at that time. Fortunately, I found a way! I went to the annual event of my network marketing company in the US. And that was the day everything has started to change for me!

You do have to invest in yourself in order to succeed. Take personal development and leadership courses and find a great mentor.

Once you invest in yourself, you automatically increase your value and credibility. Also, the message that you post on social media and your blog gets more serious and precise. You won’t be like any other person who is just providing training. You have real value to offer and share with your audience.

When you implement this tip and spend every day at least 30 minutes on personal development, you will increase your value.

A lot of people tell me they don’t have the budget to invest in themselves to take coaching sessions. They want to wait for people to sign with them first and use the money to invest in courses. That is so wrong. It should be the other way around. You will have a hard time to sign those first few people if you don’t invest in your own development training.

Same concept goes with every business opportunity. If you want to open a restaurant, you have to buy a franchise, pay rent and employees. Every business you open has a corresponding amount of money that you have to invest.

People often misunderstood that internet marketing and network marketing require zero investment to become rich. It is a huge NO. The good news is, the investment here is low. You can start with small amounts and scale up over time. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars and be all over the place. You can really manage it in a way that will contribute to your progress slowly. You can take it slowly and conquer every social media or every marketing strategy in its own time.

2. Take massive action

Once you are already somewhere after all the investment you have provided yourself, take massive action.

If you decide to start with Facebook as a marketing strategy, you have to know everything there is to know about Facebook and how you can use it for your business success.

If you invest in yourself and continuously take massive action by using all the tools and strategies you learned, you’re taking people to see how valuable you are. They will automatically want to reach out to you and ask you where did you learn all that you know.

Those are two keys that are crucial to your success. When you take it seriously then you’ll have no issue with signing up people into your business opportunity.

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