In this post I want to share 3 reasons why I think video marketing is the best way to generate leads and create results online.

When I started my network marketing journey, I was afraid of facing the camera! My mentor kept saying to me “Keren, you HAVE to start creating those videos”

But I was sure that my way to succeed online will leave video marketing out of the focus but boy I was wrong! I can honestly say that when I started shooting my videos, things started to change for me.

Reason 1: Builds Rapport 

The first reason why video marketing is the best marketing strategy is because it builds rapport and trust between you and your audience like no other strategy online.

When someone watches your video he feels like he is having a real conversation with you, he feels you because you can communicate much more effectively. Body language and vocal tones are ingredients lost when you write.

Look at all of the successful internet entrepreneurs that earn top income. They all produce video content for their audiences.

This is because video media engages the audience in another dimension that writing alone cannot reach and that is something you will get to realize once you start creating those videos.

I honestly believe that it is very hard to succeed in network marketing and become a 6-7 figure earner if you don’t start making videos at some point.

Reason 2: Positions you as a leader 

The second reason is that videos position you as a leader and as an authority from the beginning.

A lot of people are afraid of making video content and engaging their audience this way. It is a lot more personal. You are putting yourself out there and in a situation vulnerable to embarrassment.

You cannot just hide behind written words anymore. But guess what? You have to start somewhere! All the successful people you see making videos started the same way you did.

Their first videos were not all that great either, but they stuck with it. I can’t even look at my first videos because I think they are SO bad, I can’t believe I uploaded them to YouTube.

But just like any other skill, creating video content has to be learned and mastered. You’ll find out that it takes many attempts to get that perfect take. You’ll find out that it takes skillful editing to make videos flow.

Get started and stick with it and you will grow not only as a video creator, but as a communicator as well. People think that once the camera is on they need to be pumped with energy and charisma, get their hair and makeup done. Just be you!!

When people see you on the video it gives them the opportunity to get to know you. Pretend it’s your best friend.

Reason 3: Generates leads on auto pilot

The third reason you should make videos is because videos is an effective asset online. It’s like having someone online that works for you 24/7 for years to come.

I personally know video marketers that are generating leads and making sales on autopilot from videos they created 4-5 years ago.

If you create a good video, choose the right title by doing a keyword search, edit it right and give genuine helpful value. You can get your video to rank on Google and on YouTube, and get leads from it on a daily basis.

Now of course if it was so easy and simple, everyone would do it. You need the tools and learn the required skills in a deeper level. I highly recommend you to grab Mark Harbert’s free video series “No Fear Video Marketing System” Here. This series will teach you everything there is to know about crushing it on YouTube!

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