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There are endless ways to crush it online. It is actually pretty overwhelming because there is so much to learn and so much to do.

I remember when I started, I was pulled into a thousand different directions. I didn’t know what to focus on. I then created a 3-step formula to get results online.

I hope this will also make your life easier and help you focus on what really is important for you to succeed in your home business. I wish someone would have given me this 3- step formula back then, so I would know what to focus on and not waste so much of my time.

The first thing you need to have in mind and the most crucial thing that needs to guide every action you take is building an email list. It is crucial because your email is the best way to build long-lasting and profitable relationships with your consumers.

You should make your email subscription list very easy and accessible because it will serve as your guide. Once a person has been on your website or blog, you need to keep him in the loop for all your future communications. Because when you lost that lead, you may never get him back again!

3 Step Formula To Get Results Online 

The second step is to maintain the confidence of your list by providing them loads of great, quality value. That’s how they will feel that you are worthy of their time.

In addition to that, providing value on a daily basis is the best way to build their trust in you. They will start seeing you as an authority and as a leader in the marketplace and they will eventually turn to you when they are ready to take their business to another level.

Most marketers online don’t care about anything but making money. They don’t care about their customers, they don’t care about the quality of the products they are selling.

That is definitely the wrong mindset. That is a short-term thinking and it creates a bad impression for any potential customer.

That is why only 1% of home based business entrepreneurs succeed in their online business. It is the huge difference between their short-term and long-term perspectives.

Now to avoid being one of those 99% who unfortunately do not succeed online and find themselves back in the mice race, you must invest in yourself and learn all the information there is available about what you have to offer.

This is also part of how to increase your own value. You must learn from others and then teach perpetually. Every single time you sit down to write a blog post, think about how you appreciate the mentor or coach that teaches you their secrets and helps you get to the next level in your business.

If you are not yet a member of a marketing training software that teaches you all there is to know about every single marketing strategy to increase your value and become a leader, join the free 10 Day Online Bootcamp of Elite Marketing Pro. That is where I learned and still am learning every single day.

The third step of the 3-step formula is to stay true to your list. It is not enough to keep adding value. You have to also treat the people that are on your list with most priority. As if they were your friends.

Truly care about what they are dealing with, what they are struggling with and create content according to it. Think about how you want others to tell you about their secrets to success and how influential you could be for someone else.

Stay in the mindset of helping, giving, providing and you will see that the world will know exactly how to reward you.

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