Do you know what you need to do to become a successful entrepreneur? It is no coincidence that all of the wealthiest men and women in the world give the same advice.

In this post I am going give you 3 main pieces of advice that are repeatedly given by the richest and most successful. These 3 main pieces of advice are things you must become obsessed with in order to maximize their effectiveness.

You have to be obsessed with keeping a high level of energy and a positive attitude at all times. Energy is everything in entrepreneurship. You are not going to get much work done if you are approaching it apathetically.

If you are making that cold call from a weak state of mind you are going to come out even more deflated because there is no way it is going to end well.

To produce results you have to operate at a high level of energy at all times you can. If you put a lot of energy towards helping people, towards providing value, you will experience a lot of energy coming back towards you.

You will find that it is not as draining as you initially thought. In fact, you might find it refreshing. The number one factor to your energy is your health. Make sure that you are eating food with a high nutritious to calorie ratio.

Make sure that you are staying properly hydrated and not drinking only when you are thirsty. Make sure that you are active and maintain a body that is lively and fit.

Your mind must be a well oiled and maintained machine. It is your most important entrepreneurial tool so make sure you are always exercising it, feeding it, and use your energy to develop it.

The second thing the rich obsess with is their habits and their routines. As the great Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

What we do on a daily basis determines our destiny. What we do daily determines what we do weekly, monthly, and yearly. Work towards eliminating as many negative habits as you can and replace them with positive ones.

Establish a morning routine for yourself so that you can set yourself up in the best possible state each and every day. Instill positive and productive habits in all aspects of your life, not just in business.

I would like to also advise you to learn how to be happy in the now. Learn how to enjoy the journey, embrace challenges, and celebrate your progress.

The third thing successful entrepreneurs obsess with is getting rid of distractions. You must work towards achieving a state of flow. Instead of becoming a yes-man, become a no-man.

It is much harder to say no to all the distractions you encounter. Say no to everything that moves you from your path. Become effective at outsourcing and learn how to delicate all the stuff that is not leveraging your time. Get a laser focus and achieve a state of execution.

Good Luck (: