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In this post I am going to share with you my 4 golden nugget tips for lead generation. There are a lot of ways to generate leads but before you start working on your actual lead generation plan, there are some fundamentals that you should know which will  guide you on how to maximize the potential of your leads.

The first crucial thing to know is that in order to GET you need to GIVE. No one will opt in and leave his name and email address if you are not offering him something in exchange.

This is called the “lead magnet” – something you are offering that has value for the person that is sharing his personal information with you.


The second golden nugget I’m sharing with you guys today has to do with your lead magnet. It is really important that your offer provides value for the long term-results of the person who is opting in and joining your list.

People will ONLY opt in if they truly believe that what they will get after they opt in can extremely help them achieve their goals and show them the way to get results.

You need to think about a good, juicy, golden nugget, life-saving free offer and wrap it up in an outstanding cover. I learned all I know about lead generation from one of the top earner marketers, Mark Harbert, in his List Building Bootcamp.

The third tip I have for you today is how to figure out what lead magnet to create. I suggest you think about yourself.

What would make YOU opt in to an offer? What would make you leave your details? How does it look like and what is special about it?

You see, whatever will make you opt in will probably make someone else opt in as well. And think about the content not just the physical appearance of the lead magnet. What title and what subject would capture your attention?

The fourth and last tip for today guys is about the appearance of the lead magnet in your blog. It has to stand out, it has to shout! It has to be so bold and obvious.

Put it in the home, above the fold where people will see it first thing when they enter your blog. Don’t make them start wandering around and navigating inside your blog. It has to be really easy to find.

That’s it for today guys, I promise you guys that if you take action according to these 4 tips, you will start generating leads like rockstars!!


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