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I’m going to discuss in today’s post what kind of lead magnet you need to create. Before I go through the 4 types of lead magnets for you to generate leads, I want to talk about a really important thing that you should firstly think when creating your lead magnet.

You see, people today consume a lot of things anytime and everywhere. People consume even when they are not aware of it. Everything is so fast-paced and instant today.

There are endless of information and stimuli that our minds process on a daily basis. When it comes to taking action and consuming valuable information, people are looking for something they can use and implement right away.

The long 100 page ebook, 10 day course, 3 hour training webinar are not easy to implement and not easy to digest. People will get tired, burnout and they might not cooperate in the future. Although they are on your list now, your lead magnet didn’t really help them because they got exhausted trying to consume all the information at once.

You need to make it short, instant, easy to understand and valuable. Make sure people can really make results with it. It’s like providing them with a “magic pill” that helps them produce results instantly.

Now of course there is no “magic pill” and you don’t want to deceive or lie to people. Here is where the great value comes in picture. You need to offer value. It is something that people can really get results with if they religiously implement it.

That is also the best way to keep your leads close to you. Leaving them with curiosity on “what’s next” makes them want more of your expertise. And with that kind of trust from people, you can easily establish rapport with them and make them loyal to you.

So what kind of lead magnet can you create?

  • A report or a guide on a specific subject – what YOU did in a particular marketing strategy from A-Z that helped you get results. You can send it in a PDF file. People love PDF. It is easy to read, print, consume and it is very popular.
  • A resource list – people absolutely LOVE resource lists. It gives them the feeling like they are having a huge piece of the pie. A resource list is a huge golden nugget. Share with them things like: “my top 6 resources that helped me get 20 leads a day in my business”, “the 4 resources that helped me design my blog and increased my leads from 0 to 20 a day”.
  • A video training – people absolutely love videos. Think about the physical position you are when watching a video. You can lean back and be comfortable. It doesn’t require you any effort or waste energy like reading. But remember that a video training should be about 20-25 minutes and not more! Remember it needs to be easy to consume.
  • A cheat sheet – or a worksheet that has a list of instructions and promises results. People love these because it’s really clear to them what exactly they need to do in order to crush it and get results. A good example will be “my 5 daily actions to a 6 figure business from home”, “my 4 FB daily actions that helped me generate 500 leads in 30 days”.

So, those are the 4 types of lead magnets I highly recommend you use. Challenge yourself in creating one by the end of this week! It might not be perfect but you have to start with something in order to improve.

By the way, I learned all I know about lead generation and about how to create the perfect lead magnet from one of the top earner marketers, Mark Harbert, in his List Building Bootcamp.

That’s it for today guys, I encourage you to create your first lead magnet (:

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