Hi there, nice to meet you I’m Keren Haim!

Have you ever wondered what it is you need to do to improve your experience of life? Sworn that there is no way that this is what it’s all about? That you deserve better and more out of it, but have no idea how to achieve it?

Have you even had the clear knowledge that your dreams, visions and passions are in fact a part of your future, and yet somehow that future you see keeps getting just a little farther away from where you are standing today and the way to achieve all those dreams is blurry and unclear?

Well guys, that was me just a few months ago.

I graduated from Tel Aviv University from the social science department and felt totally LOST. All of my friend started working in nine to five low paying positions in a daily routine, with absolutely no promotion opportunities, and that was if they were lucky.

Others found themselves sticking to their waitressing or horrible sales jobs because that was the only way to get through the month financially.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not, and never was, spoiled nor lazy. I started my “career” when I was only 9 years old.

Unfortunate financial circumstances hit my family and with one ridiculous salary, a huge mortgage and 4 little children, I had no other option then to start working, if I wanted anything other than food.

And so I did, when I was just 9 years old I started selling flowers from door to door in my neighborhood. I guess that was my first step in the entrepreneurship world. I had to be creative and as the old saying goes: “desperate times call for desperate measures” 😉

After working in dozens of companies as a receptionist, a saleswoman, a waitress, and what not, at the age of 25, I already understood that life is NOT a picnic. I knew I HAD to be creative if I wanted more to life than what I knew as a child.

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In addition to that, around that same time, I got married to my amazing husband Alon and thinking about our future, it dawned on me that there is NO WAY that my children will experience life as I did growing up.

Besides the fact that financial freedom was crucial to me, I had a strong desire to do something in life that had meaning.

I couldn’t stand the thought of waking up every day to a predictable 9-17 routine, with the same tasks, same environment, same salary, and still struggling to get through the month.

I HAD to do something that involved creativity, lots of interactions with people, flexibility and financial freedom. I desired to learn new things on a daily basis and be passionate about my occupation.

I had to break the glass ceiling, after all, I’m claustrophobic and can use as much or air as I can get 🙂


I started selling things on eBay and Amazon. Learned a lot about the internet marketing field. I would do market researches, find hot selling products, find factories and producers of those, buy large amounts for wholesale prices and sell online.

After understanding the potential and in order to minimize the risk, I became a dropshipping expert. I found products on different online marketplaces that were selling on Amazon and eBay for much more, listed them on Amazon and eBay and made nice profits, without any inventory, shipping or risk.

But no matter how great that went for me, I had a little voice inside me that was reminding me all the time that dealing with marketplaces like these meant that they are your “Boss” (and a very strict one) that can easily decide what you can sell, how much of it you can sell, and under what circumstances.

I realized that the only way for me to succeed as an entrepreneur is if I have FULL control of my business. Selling on marketplaces is great and you can make a lot of money that way, but the fact that the control on my income was not 100% in my hand, gave me a hard time sleeping.

I needed a plan B. I was confused and frustrated but one thing I knew for a fact: I WILL MAKE IT! I will crack the code of the internet marketing business.

If there are hundreds of thousands of Internet marketers around the world who are making 6 and 7 figures, I CAN DO IT TOO!!! I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I knew that only 1% succeed but I was SO determined and became obsessed with it. There was NO other option.

So I started investing all my time, energy and money in the internet marketing business. Learning, practicing, investing and especially losing money.

I invested in the affiliate marketing doing PPV and PPC, running failing campaigns and taking online and offline courses. I was SO broke and spent more money then I actually had, but my belief was BLIND.

I knew that this terrible, frustrating, hard start was only the beginning of my bright future and that one day it will only be a story for the grandchildren  😆

After sticking to the amazing guidance and coaching of Elite Marketing Pro community, I finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I became more targeted and more focused. I started seeing results, which is an amazing feeling.

But most important, I started helping people from all over the world to get focused and find their track in the internet marketing business, which is the most exciting and satisfying thing.

There is no such feeling as standing behind someone’s success, someone who has become your friend, someone who you can relate to and care about. All of my customers are one of a kind for me.

If you decide to work with me today, we will begin a fascinating journey together to YOUR financial freedom.


I feel blessed that at the age of 30, I can wake up every morning to the most satisfying, interesting, rewarding job. My business is increasing every day now, with more commissions, more customers, and more friends.

I feel blessed to be there every time my daughter does something new like smiling for the first time, crawling, taking her first steps. I thank god for that and wish to help other mothers and father to have that priceless privilege.

I learn new things every single day and I am becoming an EXPERT in multiple fields of the internet marketing business.

My goal is to help as many people as I can around the world to become successful in the IM business, I aspires to be a worldwide, global online mentor who helps people make their dreams become reality.

If you are seeking for more time with your families or partner, more control over your life, more FREEDOM, you are in the right place.

It’s great to meet you my New Friend. Let me know how I can be of value to you or your Business!