Many people aren’t getting the results they want, but they don’t know why. They’re doing blog posts, making videos, and putting in hours of hard work.

They’re deep in the grind, but things just aren’t changing. They keep asking, “Where are my leads, and sales? I’m doing all the work…”

Those are the wrong questions to ask. The question they should be asking is, “How do I make a difference in other people’s lives?” “How can I impact the marketplace?

How can I give people what they want so they’ll actually have a reason to give me positive feedback?”

People always talk about needing more results, or more time, or more money. They talk about needing more sales, or more leads.

The problem is, their sentences all start with the word, “I”. “I need more sales. I need more results. I need more money.”

The focus has to be on the customer. The focus has to be external. It has to be outside of you. When we focus on ourselves, we don’t get results.

Nobody else cares what we want. They care about how we can help them, or give them what they want.

Forget about what you want. If you’re gonna make statements about yourself, try saying, “I deserve more sales.” or “I deserve more money.”

These statements change the way you think about the work you’re doing. Can you honestly say you deserve more results? If not, you might need to figure out how to focus more on your customers.

If you want more results, money, sales, etc., then you have to start focusing on other people. You have to add value to other people’s lives. How are you going to make a difference? You’ve gotta make an impact.

It’s easy to focus on what we want. Everyone on the planet does it. It’s a trait we’re born with. It’s natural to want to focus on ourselves.

But that’s not how you get results. Most businesses and marketers communicate for transactions. But, did you know that millionaires communicate for transformation?

Still not getting it? The fact is you simply can’t hide selfishness in your sales. If you’re focused on selfish intentions, your customers will notice. It’s very obvious to them.

It comes out in every single word you speak and every last thing you do. If your only goal is sales, people will know. You just can’t fake it.

Why are you making blog posts? Why are you making videos? Have you been making them as a service? Have you been making them to help other people? Or have you just been making them for attention?

Have you been making them to increase your sales? You should be working for “Thank yous.” Forget about the sales. Help people and your sales will grow.

By the way, helping people, and focusing on others helps you in more ways than one. Not only will your sales increase, but you’ll also feel good about yourself!

If you’re working to change people’s lives. They’ll notice. If you’re selfish, they’ll notice. The first concept makes them like you. The second one makes them hate you.

If you want the sales, you have to change lives. You have to show them you’re worth it. You have to give them reason’s to want to come back.

Help others, and help yourself.