When you want to establish yourself as an expert in a certain niche you need to be able to build your brand online.

Successfully building your brand will set yourself up as a leader, expert, and guru in your target market. This is essential if you want to run a blog that thousands read on a consistent basis.

The exciting part is that it is not difficult to do and after you read this post you will have all the knowledge necessary to getting recognition in whatever community you cater to.

To you, a small business owner and blogger, the definition of branding is fundamentally different for you than it is for big companies such as Walmart or Google, or apple.

For you branding is getting YOU as a person recognized by your niche. The people you want to attract don’t want another big company to do business with.

They will do business only with people they know and trust that they believe are experts. That is the goal of branding.


What do I mean when I say to brand yourself online? What I want you to do is to create a web presence for yourself.

When people google your name what will appear in front of them on their screen? Is it your Facebook profile and maybe a twitter page? Or is it a long list of blog posts, YouTube results, Twitter, Instagram, guest appearances?

Does Google results show your own business and the product or services you provide? You need to have a vast amount of content about yourself out there.


Where do you start? The following is a long list of things you can do that will establish yourself as a brand online.


If you’re just starting out I highly suggest you get a domain that has your name in it. Examples of this are successwithben.com or businesswithben.com.

This lets visitors feel that instead of visiting a webpage, they are visiting somebody. They will feel like they are engaging with a person every time they are visiting your webpage.


The next step is to create an awesome logo. I advise you get a freelancer on Odesk or Fiverr because it is not worth spending a day on Microsoft paint trying to make a decent looking logo.

Get a professional who knows how to make an eye pleasing and recognizable logo for you.


When creating your website place yourself on the banner. Again, this will have the same effect as having your name in the domain. Visitors will feel like they are engaging with YOU instead of just another webpage.


Create a slogan that is unique for you that regular visitors will recognize when they go to your site. Make it short, punchy, and catchy.


Write an “about me” page. New visitors frequently look for as much information on the blog owner as possible. They want to make sure you are a reputable source of knowledge for themselves.

This is another opportunity to add a personal touch to your site. Make sure to add a unique experience or two that can differentiate yourself from other bloggers.


Establish yourself on all the social media outlets. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. These sites make it very simple for visitors to engage you and for you to engage your visitors. Social media activity requires very little investment but the rewards are great. There are also people available to hire that manage these sites for you.


When people visit your blog have a welcome video that has you greeting them, explaining your blog to them, and how they can benefit from reading it.


Employ these strategies to brand yourself and you will create thousands of followers looking towards you for knowledge and expertise.