Every day you struggle and strive for success. A constant battle of mind over matter as you try to win the game of business. But when was the last time you remembered to enjoy the journey?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be grateful for all of the little things. The good stuff that happens each day.

Joy and gratitude are just as important in business as anything else. At the end of the day it all comes down to your mindset. Having joy and gratitude is one of the best ways you can supercharge your mindset fast.

Even amidst chaos, you, as a human being, have the ability to find joy. Negativity may surround you at every angle, but you can still choose to be joyous.

It’s something you have to practice, but in time you’ll learn to build it into habit, and you’ll do it automatically.

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is think about the things I’m thankful for that day. I get out my journal and write down why I’m thankful, and why I’m grateful.

It’s a simple way to change my mindset over time, plus it helps me start the day off on the right foot.

Did you know that for 20 years or so Oprah did the same thing? It’s because she knows something the rest of us don’t. She knows how powerful a strategy gratitude and joy can be.

Can you even imagine the ways in which your life will begin to change if you write down the things you’re thankful for every day?

When you’re grateful, good things will come your way. When you start to understand the concept of abundance, things will change. When you’re joyous, you are rich. You may even be rich right now. It’s not about monetary values. It’s about the way you feel inside. It’s about the emotional quality inside of you that tells you life is good.

We’re surrounded by negativity 24/7. The media constantly pops off with news of disasters, terror, plagues and more. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to get sucked into that negativity, and dragged down. But you don’t have to fall for their tactics. You can decide to unplug from it. You can turn off the television, and get away from the negativity.

Negative people can sometimes bring our energy down. But something we too often forget is that we have the ability to raise that energy back up.

We even have the power to raise it up in others too! It’s as simple as thinking about what you’re grateful in your life. Just remember the joy. Remember your goals, and dreams, and everything you’re working for.

As a businessperson, your levels of energy are super important. They’re everything. You have to have the energy to constantly keep going. To keep driving forward.

That means you need to raise that energy anytime it’s down. Luckily you can do that easily. You can choose to be joyous whenever you want. It’s a practice.

Whatever is going on around you in the world doesn’t matter. Whatever others are saying or doing, doesn’t have to affect you. Instead, you can choose to feel that joy.

You can choose to raise your energy. You can choose to enjoy the heck out of life.

When you have an attitude like this, then good things start to come your way.

When you change your mindset and find the joy… then you are rich!