Most marketers don’t realize the importance of building rapport with their audience. I honestly believe that because lack of awareness to exactly how much it is important, a lot of people fail in their home businesses.

How many times did it happen to you that you started a conversation with someone on Facebook, asked them something about what they do online and suddenly you received back a ridiculously pre-made long pitch about their amazing opportunity and how they got from zero to 5 figures in 30 days. Sounds familiar?

A lot of People don’t realize a very simple and crucial concept: People join PEOPLE not business opportunities and not companies. People join people they know, like and and trust. People join people they can relate to.

People are not wondering around looking for a business opportunity to join, they are looking for someone to show them the way, to lead them. The most important thing is to build rapport. There is no chance someone will join you with lack of rapport.

The first step you need to take is doing some “housekeeping”. You see, everything starts with your FB profile. When you start talking to someone the first thing he will probably be doing is looking at your profile.

Set a profile picture of yourself. Facebook is “Face” “Book” right? How can you get someone to trust you and build rapport if he doesn’t even see your face?

Your bio needs to be completely filled out because people will want to learn more about you and you are all about when you chat. Connect your fanpage to your personal profile by filling out where you work and pull up your fan page.

Now, what are you sharing on your profile? No matter what type of company you are in, there are only two products you are supposed to be selling on your profile: Freedom and life style. Those are the only two things people are looking for. Post life style pictures but always make sure to provide value and help people solve their problems.

When your wall is all about your business opportunity people will sense that. Nobody wants to feel like the only reason you’re contacting them is to sell them. People will run from you and not come towards you.

If you don’t know how to provide value Elite Marketing Pro is the place to grow yourself as a leader in the marketplace and provide value consistently, making people coming towards you.

The second step you should be taking is define your targeted audience. If you are a home business entrepreneur, your targeted audience are home business entrepreneurs. People who struggle with leads, sales and lack of leadership.

There are a lot of people that are already a part of a company or an MLM but are having zero results because their up-line or sponsor didn’t provide them any blue print of the exact steps you need to take in order to get results.

The third step is to go out there and search for people from your targeted market that you would want to work with, that you have something in common with. Follow them and leave them a comment on a post or on a couple of posts.

Do you want to build rapport really fast with someone? Compliment them, their image, their posts. Keep in mind that social media is a place to build relationships with people NOT a place to advertise your bizz opp (:

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