When you chat with someone regardless of the social media platform you use, your prospect will always sense where you’re coming from. They will know what made you talk to them.

Many people would push their prospect to sign into their system. They are eager to get the money and social proof so that they can recruit more people. Your prospect would figure that out if you stress so much on signing them up. They will see that you are not serious about helping them.

So, you need to switch your mindset when in comes to your whole business. You are in a network marketing business of leadership. You are in an industry of sharing value and helping people. You help others become financially free, build businesses and teach them with the right steps even if you don’t have the results yet or just a few sign-ups.

You need to step from a self-centered perspective into a leadership role. Stop thinking about how many signups you would get. Take the responsibility of sharing value to your prospect. That way they would feel that you are worthy of their time and trust that you could help them.

Chatting with your prospect online is a phase wherein there are a few steps you need to follow.

Build rapport with your prospect

It is so crucial that you learn how to do this!
I created a post on this topic and I would love for you to check it out here.

It will help you understand more how to build rapport with your potential customer in an amazing way.

Learn how to present your business opportunity

It is important that you know when and how to present your opportunity to your prospect. There are a few ways to ask them if they might need your help or are interested in your business.

The wrong way goes something like this – “You know what John, I have an amazing system which is totally working and giving me amazing results. I have signed up 50 people in the last two weeks. This is totally going well for me. And my team is really succeeding.” The statement goes on with bragging more about your business.

There will be a perfect place and time to share your results or your social proof. But popping up the question should be done right at the perfect moment.

The right way to do it is to know first what your prospect is currently dealing with. Find out what he is struggling about in his business. And it typically goes like this – “Well John, from what I understood, you are having a hard time generating leads online. You might need more training about generating leads online. I have a free training that could help you. If that is something you want to consider checking out, you could download the PDF file from this link.”

When you do it that way, you acknowledge the problem of your prospect. And then you try to help him solve it by providing what you can offer for free during the first stage of your conversation. Always try to give a free training or whatever valuable content that will address your prospect’s problems. After that, your prospect will feel how serious you are in helping him and will trust you for his future needs.

Whatever system that you belong to, for sure you got something relevant and valuable that you can freely share with your prospects.

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