Hi guys! This post is devoted to making your goals become reality. We are very good at setting goals in our minds and even speaking them out loud but eventually, most of the time, time goes by and the goals are not achieved.
So what is the secret of achieving your goals?
Let’s start by defining – what are goals?
A goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.”
In business for example, your goal can be the revenue you want to make this year, or branches you want to open, employees you want to hire as part of your Business expansion.

If we are talking about us as entrepreneurs it can be how much money we want to make, how many leads we want to generate, how many products of our own we want to create and launch.
A goal is something you want to achieve, something measurable and specific you can follow. It can’t be “to be rich”. What is rich for you? People have different definitions for the word “rich” and for you to be focused and know how to calculate your actions and steps towards your goals, you have to be very specific when you define them.

There are different categories of goals. These categories can change from one person to another, but it is important to divide your goals into different categories in your life so you can be more specific regarding the changes or the growth you wish to make in different parts of your life.
Business goals – write down your business goals. If you are an entrepreneur take some time to think what place you want your business to be in, in a certain period of time. If you have a job – do you want to be promoted? Do you want to find a new job? Do you want to quit being an employee and start working for your own self?

When do you want that to happen? You have to know where you are going and be specific as you can because if you don’t have a specific plan, you might turn out being a part of somebody else’s plan and you don’t want that.
Family goals – sit down with your family and figure out what your family goals are. What does your partner want? Your children, parents? Maybe your children will want to have a big family trip? You will need to break the amount of that trip into the whole year and start figuring out how to get that money.

How many commissions / sales from a certain product you will have to sell in order to get the amount for that family trip. Or maybe one of your brothers will need your help in a huge project that will take some time and energy from you. Understand what the goals of your beloveds are and how your goals can be affected by those, just so you can plan your goals under all circumstances.
Health goals – do you want to be more flexible? Thin? Green? How do you achieve it? Are you planning on starting a strict nutrition? Sign in to Pilates or yoga classes? How often?
Fun Goals – do you have goals which are just for fun but extremely important to you? Like a date nights with your partner, traveling, seeing movies, night out with your friends? Write down what those goals are, how often you want these activities to take place.
The different categories are individual. Each of us has different parts of his or her lives in which they have goals they wish to achieve. Figure out where are the parts in YOUR life that you have goals. There might be categories that are not even written here.

After understanding what categories of goals and defining them, break down to actions and steps every single goal and attach deadlines to every action.
For an example, if you want to make a certain progress in your network marketing business, like, have a successful blog and different social media accounts with a certain number of followers, how many leads would you like to generate every day? How many videos would you want to shoot per week? How many blog posts or social media posts do you want to make per week?
Highlight your number one goal. Write your actions steps which will promise you achieve it. How many hours a week do you need to accomplish that goal?

What are you going to do with every single hour you have? What steps do you need to take? Put a date down besides each action step. You can put everything in your calendar and start knowing everyday what it is you need to do to achieve your goals. It is crucial to have a daily action plan.

So to kind of summarize this whole post, the best strategy to CRUSH your goals and make sure to achieve them is divided into three different parts:
Defining you goals, being specific about them –> Breaking down all the actions steps needed to achieve these goals –> Defining a deadline for every action step.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, feel free to share it on social media, contact me or leave a comment down here. And most important – start crushing your goals (: