Everyone in network marketing industry, they post on Facebook either on their personal profiles or on their Facebook fan pages.

The thing is, do you know what to post when it comes to using Facebook as your business platform? You see, people don’t come to Facebook to buy things. They are not there to hear about your business opportunities.

People are on Facebook to be entertained. They like to see what’s new about their families, friends, and relatives. They look for something to watch like humorous or inspirational videos, or whatever entertains them.

So, when you post on Facebook, you do one of two things, either you create curiosity or you create resistance.

Of course, you should strive to create curiosity with your posts. If you go and pitch about your business opportunities all the time, then that would totally create resistance. People will unfollow you and worst-case, report you as a spammer. These things are what you need to avoid.

Here are three tips on how to post on Facebook and create curiosity and engagement from people.

1. Build a posting strategy for your Facebook page

You need to examine over time which kind of posts drive the most engagement from people.

Posting on Facebook is something really individual. You can’t examine it from others’ experiences. Your posts determine your business engagement. The posts with a lot of likes and shares are the ones working out for your page. Those topics intrigue people and make them engaged with you.

Most of the time, when you check on who liked and shared your posts, you found out most of these people belong to your network. Because people in the same community like to help others to boost mutual engagement. They contribute to one another so both pages create more exposure.

So, you have to create a plan and write a few types of posts for your Facebook page. You can share quotes from other well-known people in your industry, articles relating to your business, inspirational and motivational daily tips, informative blog posts or you can create a video for your followers.

Try all kinds of strategy then track the results of each post. See exactly which post get the more engagement. And when you found the topics that create curiosity to your followers, share posts related to it.

2. Brand yourself, not your business opportunity.

Brand yourself and don’t brand your business opportunity or the company you belong to. Because tomorrow your followers can be in another place where you will less find yourself a part of, or tomorrow you can join another company and all your followers will suddenly become confused. So, you need to brand yourself as a person who can help and lead them to success.

You need people to follow you because that’s what they do. They follow people, they don’t follow business opportunity. People join other people whom they need. Eventually, once you gain their trust, they will follow your business opportunity. Because they saw the potential in the path you’re going to, they would want the same thing.

And when they chose you to lead them on social media, you need to ask yourself, “If I’m going to post this, how would I react to it if I was the prospect?”.

Always put yourself in your followers’ shoes every time you post on Facebook. Will they engage with it or will they ignore it?

3. Share results, not your business opportunity.

It is a part of the posting strategy but you might want to give its own respect because it is a huge factor in posting on Facebook.

Always share results and not all about your business.

Don’t go broadcasting everything about your business like, “Join this amazing company. This is a great income stream. It is going to lead you to six figures!”

Don’t do that but instead, you share results of people. Results make people get naturally curious and they would want to know further how you arrived with that outcome. With results, people will come to you asking for help!

You don’t need to create copies with a lot of promising sentences. You just share results of people, it can be your results or from people in your own industry, team, and community. If you have a downline who has reached a milestone like they got 1,000 people subscribed to their mailing list in a week, or lost many pounds in a week, or suddenly made his first day with $14,000, or any kind of milestone, these are the sample results of what you can share on Facebook.

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I hope you found this post valuable and that you get a lof of insights that would help you on your next strategy planning for Facebook posting.


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