Something happened to me yesterday, and it reminded me of one of the most important lessons in life that we need to be aware of from time to time.

I was chatting with this lady and based on her story she was obviously not satisfied with her current company.

Then we started talking about mine and started giving her all the advantages and value that my company has to offer because I truly believe that they do. I mean, people are crushing it all the time. She was so into it and was happy to check the link I offered her.

We even scheduled a Skype call for this evening. What happened next is, I received a message from her this morning saying, “Hey, Keren! Thank you so much for our conversation yesterday. It helped me a lot but apparently, a good friend of mine is part of your company as well. And it is only fair that I join with her link because she has joined a lot of affiliate offers using my link before. I was just being fair. I appreciate your time and your help.”

So, the old version of me would be like – look at that message. Oh, that is not fair. We were chatting for like throughout the day. I mean, I gave her so much value, so, it is not fair she bails out on me just like that.

But of course now, looking at that kind of message, I’d be so totally cool with it.

This is a lesson about abundance. There will be enough abundance for all of us.

People who take things seriously, they are always in the massive action mode. It does not matter if you have more or fewer commissions. It is not the commission that matters here. It is the fact the I was in the right place and time helping this lady make a decision which I’m sure will affect her life for the best.

Especially that she seem to be an action-taker, joining my company will for sure make all the difference in her life.

So, I took this situation just fine and cool because I was able to help her make one of the most important decisions in her life. I was happy to share with her the great things about my company.

The amazing part of all this is that it happened to me the day I became a VIP in my company, and this is an abundance to me. There are commissions getting into my system so this situation is not to worry.

I learned that once you become a person of value, of giving and providing, serving and caring, you’ll see that abundance will just come knocking right at your door on a daily basis.

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