Let’s talk about the main strategy that will free up more of your time. Everyone knows that time is the most valuable yet scarce resource that we have in life. It is constantly consumed and it is non-renewable.

With outsourcing, it allows you to free up more of your time and invest more of your energy in doing real entrepreneurial work, high leverage and income-producing activities.

Outsourcing also enables you to spend more quality time with your friends, family and loved ones. Lastly, it allows you to enjoy your recreational hobbies and interests.

Effective outsourcing accomplishes all of this while making you more productive. Most people start as entrepreneurs but they still think in the employee mindset. They feel as though, the more work they accomplish the more productive they are and the more they are going to get paid. While they are a lot busier, they are not nearly as productive as they’re supposed to be. They insist on doing all the work including the nitty-gritty work.

Successful entrepreneurs hire other people to do all of that. They recognize that they need all the time they can get to put towards the important stuff.

How much do you value your time? How much is your time worth? These are the main questions I ask people who refuse to outsource.

Let’s say you want to make $100,000 in the next twelve months and you typically work 5 hours a day and 6 days a week. Do the math and that equates to getting paid $70 an hour. In this context, does it make any sense to spend three hours a day tweaking your blog to look just the right way?

When you insist on doing all of the dirty work yourself, you are practically taking $100 bills out of your wallet and tearing it in half. You are losing money!

Stop doing all of the technical and design work yourself. You might think that these are useful skills you need to learn and yes they are, but only if you plan on working as a web designer!

You are avoiding doing the real work that only successful entrepreneurs do every day. Stop spending countless of hours setting up your blog, making your YouTube banner, or your capture page.

Spend as many hours as you can on leadership, creating content, creating value, and personal development.
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The most important thing you have to implement from this post is to stop doing everything yourself. Outsourcing does not make you lazy. Outsourcing makes you more effective and productive than ever.

What you need to be doing is focusing on what gives you the highest bang for your buck with your time. Leverage your time.

It is so simple to outsource on the internet today. Many sites including fiverr, upwork and onlinejobs.ph exist to make it as easy as possible for you. You have thousands of talents from different countries that you can choose from.

Don’t stop there either! Outsource for your real life work, as well.
Outsource your household chores such as cleaning, laundry, yard work, and maintenance. Outsource your grocery shopping, other errands, and car washing.

Don’t be afraid of the hard entrepreneurial work. Spend as much time as you can becoming a great leader, producing passive income and creating value.

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