Hey guys!

Today I want to discuss perfectionism and share some personal facts about my journey in my business that have to do with it.

Seeking after perfection can feel sometimes necessary. Especially when it comes to business. I remember when I first started my home based business, just a few months ago, my standards were so high.

I was 100% sure that I can’t start before my blog looks perfect, filled with a huge amount of content, videos, blog post. I wanted it to be designed and ready for the ultimate experience for the potential customer that visits.

In addition to that, I got pregnant and I started gaining all this weight which was totally normal, but I Iooked different then I usually do and that fact was significant in front of the camera as well.

I wanted to look perfect on my videos, which I didn’t, sound perfect, which I didn’t because I could barely breathe because of the pregnancy and English is not my mother tongue language so creating perfect videos was not realistic.

Even if I wasn’t pregnant and English WAS my mother tongue language, it was still not realistic. WHY? Because guys, “practice makes perfection”. We can’t start something that is totally new to us, something that we never experienced before and expect to be perfect. It takes time, practice, patience.

Seeking after perfection can make you procrastinate, which can make you lose your momentum to create and might hold you back. It can freeze you and make you be very frustrated. The feeling of being ready for something you never tried doing before does not exist.

You will always wonder what the best way to do it is, you will always criticize the outcome and feel a bit uncomfortable with the exposure and your appearance on screen, if in words or in video. But the fact is guys that NOTHING beats taking action. You can spend months listening to webinars, reading books and contents, taking online and offline courses but nothing will get you RESULTS faster than actually TAKING ACTION.

Start delivering stuff into the marketplace, start building your blog, creating content, shooting videos. You can fix and change everything along the way but understand that once you start taking action you figure out that it’s not that bad and not that scary. Stepping outside of your comfort zone it a matter of growing. And who doesn’t want growth when it comes to business?

So guys, remember that circumstances and time are never right when it comes to taking action because they never come together with perfectionism standards. It is time to realize that we will NEVER be perfect. As human beings, we grow and improve all the time, it’s part of our nature. So I invite you to challenge yourselves TODAY and start taking action.

Have a good one guys (: