Self-esteem is a tough issue. It’s even tougher for entrepreneurs since how we hand ourselves is directly correlated to the amount of success we reach.

Think about it. How would things be different for you if you had complete confidence that you could overcome any challenge in the future? If you were certain you couldn’t lose?

I’m talking about the kind of confidence where you feel no fear. Where you crush any obstacle in your path. The kind of confidence where you’re more god than man!

If you had that kind of confidence would you try new things? Of course you would!

But do you actually believe this? Do you think you can handle life’s challenges? Do you believe you’re good enough to be happy and successful in everything you do in life?

Here’s a secret… The more happy and successful you are, the more people you’ll be able to help, and if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, then you know that means more income for you!

So, how can you raise your self-esteem if you don’t already have it? Well, it’s all about building the reputation you have with yourself.

Do you set goals and carry them out? Are they big and extreme? Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished? If not, then this is probably an area you need to give more focus to.

Another way to raise your self-esteem is by hanging out with other people who have a lot of self-esteem. You’ll see how they speak and carry their selves. You’ll learn their model of the world. You’ll start to adapt their mindset. As that rubs off on you, your self-esteem will start to rise.

Most people hang out with people who have similar levels of self-esteem to their selves. Unfortunately this doesn’t allow us to grow. We need to be around people of high self-esteem so we can expand and become more like them.

They say your level of success is directly related to your 5 closest friends. That’s because if your friends have the same level of self-esteem, or lower levels, then they’re holding you back, and keeping you from rising to new heights.

If your friends don’t have high levels of self-esteem, then it may be time to let some of those friends go, so you can get to the next level.

The next part of raising your self-esteem is making sure that you’re 100% dedicated to never giving up, no matter how long or how hard you have to work to succeed.

It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true that most of the things you try aren’t going to work. But if you give up just before hitting it big, then it was all a waste of time.

Top athletes know another secret that helps them boost their self-esteem. Before they head out on the field, or engage in play, they visualize their selves at their very best. They see their selves holding the gold.

This is what you want to do. Visualize yourself at your very best, every day. Also visualize the goal you’re trying to achieve, and feel what it feels like when you achieve it.

Instead of focusing on the bad stuff that’s happened to you, you need to manufacture your future. Forget about the negatives, and only focus on the positives.

Think about how blessed you are to be alive right now. Think about the fact that you may be the only person you ever know that hits it big in this world.

Success has a lot to do with your self-esteem and the way you see yourself. There’s no billionaires with low self-esteem, that’s for sure. Yeah, they have their bad days, but they always stay on top of the world.

This is how you need to be. Increase your self-esteem, start believing in yourself, and see the world start to change!