Let’s talk about the single most important thing you can learn about entrepreneurship and life in general. I like to think of this as the foundation of success.

Have you ever wondered what makes successful people different from their not-so-successful peers? Let me tell you now to spare you future headaches: it is their mindset. People who have started from the bottom and got to the top of their game all understand the fundamental truth that we are all alike and the only thing that separates us from each other would be our thoughts. Who we become highly depends on our way of thinking.

So how do you leverage this in your favor? You will be able to understand others easier and thus, solve their problems if you first understand yourself. Think about your dreams and your wants. Think about what’s stopping you from getting there. You will see the struggle you must overcome.

You don’t have enough money? Don’t know the key people in your industry? You feel uncomfortable talking in front of a crowd? Afraid to make cold-calls? What is it that’s stopping you? I want you to think about it now.

Got it? Alright, here’s the deal. All of those nasty thoughts you had are just that. Thoughts. You’re simply not succeeding because you limit yourself with these beliefs. To live up to your potential you must let go of your fears and just do what you know you have to do. Don’t listen to that voice in your head which tells you that you aren’t good enough!

You have all the tools you need to make your business work, to live a happy life and to provide value to others. You’re great and people around you will notice it. But first, you have to truly believe you have what it takes.

Don’t be afraid of success. Most people out there are more afraid of success than they are afraid of mediocrity. Don’t be like them. Learn to conquer your fears and step ahead. Rise and shine and motivate others to do the same. Even if it means making a fool out of yourself sometimes, you will have to learn to take lead.

Some plans won’t work out as you expect, you might lose some money on the trip but always keep your mind focused on the rewards that await you if you continue on your journey. It will be well worth the risks. You will live the life you know you deserve.

So here’s how you can fix your mindset. First, you must discover your fears. This shouldn’t be hard. Just think about things that keep you up at night, thoughts that make you uncomfortable. Situations you don’t want to be put in. Get a clear picture of  your excuses. Write them down if you have to.

Go through your list and note that every people on their journey had to face the same fears you’re facing now. The successful people you look up to had these thoughts as well. And they managed to succeed despite those fears, just like you will if you take action.

Ignore that ugly voice that tells you to go for the instant gratifications and compromise your future. Always keep in mind you’re on your way to greatness. It is right ahead of you. You just have to keep pushing until you get there!