I’m going to share with you what I consider as the magic word in network marketing. Now you’re probably thinking terms like profit, money and earnings. Well, no. That is not the direction I want to go into.

I really wish you finish this blog post so you can understand exactly why I chose the word that I’m going to share with you today. I’m going to discuss what it is and its significant role in network marketing.

First, I want to share with you my personal story. When I joined network marketing three years ago, I was really overwhelmed and I was all over the place. I wanted to learn everything there is to learn. I took online courses, watched webinars on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and I did blogging all at the same time. I was so sure that every time I focused on one marketing strategy and switch to another, I could be a master in all of it.

But there is something I need to tell you. Guess what? You are never going to master any marketing strategy, not even one. I know that is kind of a harsh statement, so let me explain.

All online marketing strategies, the social media, the blogging platforms and everything else on the internet, it changes constantly. Not only that it changes constantly but for every offer or every service that you want to promote, you might also need to do something different in order to align it with the inevitable changes online and promote it in an ideal way. It would help you get the most clicks, the most sales or whatever your business goal is.

In these days, everything is really about trying, testing and evaluating the conclusions. You might need to try again and once you get the confidence in one strategy, you would want to scale up. The thing is that the learning part is endless. That is one thing you should remember from today. There is also one thing we need to accept which is the learning curve. At first, it seems to be going pretty well but eventually, there would be times you are on a bumpy road during your learning process. But that’s okay, at least you are learning something new all the time.

Again, marketing strategies change all the time. Take Facebook for example. Two years ago, there was no Facebook Live. Today, you see almost everyone all over the world on Facebook taking live videos from inside their cars, office, home, travels and even during the important events in our society. Apparently, almost everywhere where there is an internet connection where people can broadcast live to show their friends and followers what exactly they are doing right at the moment. See, there was no such thing two years ago and that is kind of revolutionary. Right?

When Facebook Live was launched, the marketers of big brands, they did not master it right away because it was new. They need to learn first how to make use of it as a platform for promoting their brands. And that’s exactly my point. The marketing strategies change all the time. New features, endless updates, you name it. So what does that signify for you? You need to adjust and learn all the time, as well. There is no such thing as being a master of a marketing strategy.

Network marketing which for me is same as building your business online, we also need to incorporate the magic word I’m about to reveal in this matter. Whether you are an affiliate partner or a home business owner, the magic word you need to embrace is FOCUS. As mentioned, all marketing strategies change over time. But with the right amount of FOCUS in one strategy at a time, you’ll learn on a deeper level and utilize what you know to have a more effective online presence and engagement.

What helped me choosing the marketing method that was right for me and staying focus on it was joining Elite Marketing Pro. When you join, you get a personal coach who walks you through all the steps you need to take to make it!

Do not be overwhelmed and make a mess of your priorities by taking all information from other marketers, webinars and online courses at the same time. It will just take you and pull you in different directions, and make you lose focus on what you have already started and forgotten where you’re really good at. You do not have to learn everything at once. Take what you need the most.

If you take one marketing strategy and you try to learn it all the time by applying it to your business, and you try to constantly improve it to make your business most relevant – that is the best way to succeed.

That’s pretty much it. I wish you guys a lot of success and a lovely day!

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