I love it when things happen in life, and then I kind of hop up on a video and share the story that just happened to me. It usually involves a lesson or something that has great value that you can take from what happened and implement in your business.

So, what happened to me was kind of interesting. I was chatting with someone. And this girl and I had an amazing connection.

I did everything I should do in order to build a rapport with her, and we had an amazing chat. We were really bonding and eventually, we talked about what I’m doing and what she’s doing.

She’s with a company and had great results. She is very satisfied and doesn’t want to leave them.

A lot of times when we’re chatting with people, we think that the only option for us collaborating and have them joining our business is if they replace their current company with ours.

And that’s actually not the deal because sometimes you talk to people and they are at a point in their business where they are already generating a lot of sales and commissions. They’re in a great place already but some would still be open to considering a new income stream or a new company to join.

The thing is you won’t know that if you don’t ask straightforward. So, I had two options after I discovered that she’s really happy where she is.

I could say, “Okay, awesome. Good luck. I mean you’re obviously on the right path.”

Or I could say something which eventually made me earn the commission I had today, right now, like ten minutes ago.

So, we were chatting and she really telling me how she’s happy with everything. And I would also share with her things and so our conversation continued.

Then I popped the question, “I don’t know if this is even relevant for you but will you be open to hearing my business opportunity and what my company has to offer because this can be another income stream for you. I know a lot of people are promoting more than just one system or company so you might be open to considering adding another income stream to your system. Are you open to that?”

And she said, “Yeah, sure. Give me the link. Obviously, they’re making results. I see you’re making results. If you’d share with me what you’re doing, yeah I’ll be totally open to that.”

Then I shared the link with her and we hopped on Skype. We were chatting and I was showing my screen, sharing with her the back office of my system and yeah, she plugged in. She joined my business!!

So, this is something really small but really big. I mean that point in the conversation where you can take it to a place where you’re understanding that the person in front of you is making results, and obviously happy in the place that she is but you can also see this as an opportunity.

A lot of people in the industry are seeking to grow and not only find one income stream that is making them results. So, the only thing you need to do is shoot out the question, “Are you open to considering another income stream and joining another company that can obviously increase your monthly income? And make you closer to your goals?”

That’s the only thing that you need to do because obviously people who are already satisfied in the place they are in, they always seek for more. They always want to grow their results and there is just enough that you can have from one company. You need to extend eventually.

That’s it for today guys. It was a short tip but a very useful one. And one that can create a lot of results in your business because a lot of people that we’re talking to, a lot of them are really happy in the place that they are in.

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