Today I am going to give you one of the most powerful tools you can learn to use. This tool alone likely to be responsible for more than 50% of my success.

A lot of the time I like to talk to you about abstract concepts to get your mindset in the right condition for success, but in this post I will give you something you can implement in your life and enjoy the benefits the day you use it.

Everybody seems to struggle with getting the energy to put themselves in the situation for success. They read, listen, and watch all the right material from very successful people but for some reason it just does not show results in their everyday lives.

A lot feel tired, unmotivated, and foggy from the moment they wake up to the moment they lay their heads on their pillows. The strategy I want to give to you today is something that solves that very large problem. I want to give you a Personal Morning Success Ritual.

What you do in the morning greatly effects how you FEEL the rest of your day. Do your morning ritual correctly and you can feel energetic, productive, and motivated the whole day.

Do this every day and you can feel this way for a week, a month, or a whole year! Let me show you my own Personal Morning Success Ritual so you can start planning your own and start doing amazing things tomorrow.

First thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth and get a glass of water. When you wake up you are always going to be in a state of minor dehydration and I feel like I do not have to tell you the negative side effects of dehydration so go get that glass of water.

Immediately after that I go outside for a small walk with my baby girl and her baby carriage. On my walk, I mentally list all the things I am grateful for.

This not only gets you outdoors where your mind is naturally going to feel at peace, but by listing things you are grateful for you put yourself in a state of abundance.

You can go for any type of physical activity just make sure it is one that releases the stress from your body and fills you with energy.

On my walk my little one always falls asleep and I like to listen to inspirational and motivational material. This feeds my brain with the right mojo.

A great nutritious breakfast immediately follows my walk. What you feed your body has an enormous effect on how it is going to make you feel.

Your body needs more than protein, carbs, and fats to function correctly. It needs vitamins, minerals, fibers, and everything else a good diet that contains lots of vegetables and fruits has.

To top off my Personal Morning Success Ritual I complete the most important task of the day. I put a mental rule in place that says my day does not start until I compete the most important task of the day.

This can be cold calling that one prospect, or writing a post, or setting up that meeting. Whatever it is just make sure it is the first task you complete!

Now what is going to be YOUR Morning Success Ritual?