There is a common problem I face every time I am coaching an entrepreneur. It is a problem that every person encounters, but if you want to be a successful entrepreneur that provides value for the people you serve you need to learn how to conquer it.

If you find yourself struggling with taking action continue reading as you open, examine, and understand how your mind works.

Most people face the problem of not trusting themselves. It does not matter how complicated or difficult a task is, if you do not trust yourself you will not take the necessary action.

You do not trust yourself to be able to figure things out. You do not trust yourself to learn from your failures. You do not trust yourself to provide an amazing product or service to millions of people. You do not trust yourself to lead people to deliver that product or service.

If you do not trust yourself you do not believe in yourself. And if you do not believe in yourself how can other people believe in you? This is a serious question that needs deep contemplation. This can make or break you.

So why do people have trouble trusting themselves? The simple answer is that they think that they can’t. Others call these self-limiting beliefs and some call these negative thought patterns.

It all comes down to what you tell yourself in your head 24-7. Whether consciously or subconsciously you are always trying to talk yourself out of doing the things you need to do. What if I fail? What if I embarrass myself on the phone? What if they don’t like the service I provide?

These thoughts stem from deep within your psyche. Your past experiences and conditioning. It’s not your fault or anybody else’s, because this is how humans were able to survive in the past and today.

We have an extraordinary ability to learn compared to other animals. Not only do we learn from books and studying, we primarily learn from mistakes and past experiences.

Our mind subconsciously draws lessons to be learned in situations we encounter everyday. The problem is sometimes we learn lessons that hold us back. Lessons that paralyze us when we encounter fearful situations that previously went wrong.

One day I grew tired of these constant and negative thoughts. I was growing tired of what I told myself everyday. I was growing tired of constantly getting in my way and feeling drained from working against myself.

That day I simply decided that I was no longer going to believe that voice in my head. I know what I am capable of, and it is far more than what that voice had to say.

However it was important to respond in the correct manner. Responding negatively would do nothing but prove that voice right! Rather, I chose to respond with kindness.

Every time I heard that little voice telling me, “Don’t do that, you’re going to screw up again!”

I just brushed it off and told it, “Thank you for sharing, but I know better than you.”

Now, when is the first dialog with YOUR voice going to be? (: