Indeed, there are several things that need to be done to become successful in building your online business.

What I’m going to share with you is something really essential to achieve that success. And I’m talking about the environment that we create when we are working that will determine the quality of results we get in our business.

I’ll be talking about some housekeeping that has everything to do with the success of your business. And when I say housekeeping, we’re not going take it literally just because you are working from home you have to the household chores. Not that. What I need you to be considering is some offline and online housekeeping on your business that will greatly affect your results.

Offline Housekeeping

1) How Your Desk and Workplace Look Like

Some people when I asked them how their working corner looks like, they’d be so embarrassed to say that it’s a total mess.

The thing is, our environment clearly has an impact on how we work. If we have a messy desk or untidy workplace, we are bound to get distracted. We can’t stay 100 percent laser focused! We can’t think clearly.

Some people would say that the messier the table the more creative you get. Well, that will work for creative people who are in the art department or media arts career. But in online business, you have to be organized!

Just have the important things you need on your desk. These are your PC or laptop, a notebook and a pen, your planner, a calendar, a glass of water, your mobile phone (which most of the time, this is what consumes you, so avoid that and use it only as needed), and others that would help you work effectively. Make sure they are placed neatly and within your reach.

Remove everything you don’t use normally! You don’t want any unnecessary distractions… which leads me to…

2) The Distractions You Have To Deal With

Throughout the day, it is inevitable that there would be other tasks that will just pop up that needed your attention right away.

So, what happens is you have to stop whatever you are doing and deal with it. However, most of the time, when you are already in the zone completing your planned tasks for the day and you suddenlystop, you’d lost all that momentum! The ending is you forget to get back to it right after just because you don’t feel like doing it yet.

Sometimes even when you get an important email or a phone call, these are the kinds of necessary distractions that may cause delay and consume much of our time in betweens.

What I’m saying is, when we are so focused on doing one thing, then we get an email, then we get to it right away, we may find ourselves dealing with another distraction after distraction, and you know already what’s next, we end up dealing with unnecessary distractions – browsing your timeline, watching videos online, talking on the phone, watching tv, and all other things we don’t need to be doing when we’re supposed to be working!

And when you break all those distractions down, you’d be surprised how much time you have wasted instead of doing something to get results for your business.

I’m glad that I have trained my mind to stay focused and give the right time of the day to be spent on those necessary distractions. Through an app called, Pomodoro, it helped me organized my schedule and be always back on the right track.

It is always important to prioritize your scheduled tasks. Reply to those emails, return those phone calls, then get back to what you should be working on.

Set your daily schedule according to which you think is most convenient for you. Especially that we have each a unique time of the day when we feel most productive.

I take seriously of my work schedule having 45 minutes of work, 15 minutes of break every 3 hours aside from the longer break for eating.

3) Have A Daily Routine

It is so important to have a daily routine! So, you wouldn’t have to guess which one to work on at the moment versus later.

A routine would help you also not to jump from one task to another because you know the tasks you need to be working on accordingly. This is basically what I also explained in number two.

Another thing about having a daily routine is it is what all successful people have in common!

It should be a no-brainer for you already. If you know what I’m talking about, you’d know how vital this is. This is something they wouldn’t miss a day – a daily routine of prioritizing yourself!

You invest in yourself to enhance your skills and feed your mind with more knowledge about your business.

I’m going to share my personal routine with you and why I do them.

3.1) 30 minutes of personal development

– I listen to successful people’s podcast in the industry like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, etc.
– I listen to Science of Getting Rich audiobooks

Mainly because I need to stay learning everyday from the best of the best.

3.2) 45 minutes of improving my marketing skills and online brand

– Working on strategies that would be helpful and effective for my business

So, that I would get faster results in my business!

3.3) Power breakfast every day

– I drink a huge shake every morning that contains lots of nutrients and made with fruits and vegetables.

It literally pumps up my energy! I feel unstoppable.

3.4) Take a walk

– I always make sure to take a walk and get my blood flowing.

It helps me raise my energy as well and stay focused and productive.

3.5) Creating content

– I would either write my daily blog post, or produce a training video, or host a webinar, or prepare presentations.

Basically, it is what making my business up and going. This is how I contribute and give value to the marketplace and how they will connect with me.

Everything I do, it is all scheduled.

That’s how important a daily routine is because you get so much done!

Online Housekeeping

1) Brand your Facebook page and personal page as a leader people would want to follow

If you want people to come to you looking for help and learning value from you, act like one on your Facebook page or personal page. Because, the way you portray yourself online, from the way you write your content, the pictures you post, the headliners you use and everything else that you post online, it will all reflect who you are as a person and as a leader.

If you want trust and respect from people, give them that. Be professional in what you post online. Some people are doing things that they don’t know are harming their brand. They use offensive language, posting half nude picture of themselves, and others that your audience wouldn’t consider as a leader who can help them. Be wary of the things you post online! Set yourself as a righteous leader.

2) Always provide value online while staying visible to your market

You have to share what you have to offer to the marketplace every day on your Facebook page and blog.

This is where people mostly go to and check what it is that you have for them or what it is that you’re up to.

Always have something that would get them inspired and motivated. May it be your lifestyle, family background, inspirational quotes, training videos, shared articles, original content or whatsoever that people will always see that you are very active at helping others!

Remember, out of sight, out of mind. Leverage you Facebook page and blog to reach out to people so they would eventually come to you.

I think that’s pretty much it. We have discussed everything about the housekeeping I’d want you to remember.

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