I was having a hangout yesterday with my team, and we were sharing results, and they were asking me questions. We had like a marketing training.

One of my teammates asked me, “Keren, I’ve been doing the same thing for like two months already. Talking to people, posting on my Facebook fan page and personal profile, and I’m sending emails and getting new leads all the time coming into the system, but nothing is yet happening. I have a few sign-ups, but I don’t feel like I’m in a totally different place financially because I have a lot of investments to make as well. So, where is this going?”

After hearing this question, I shared with them a story about the Chinese bamboo tree. I’m going to share it with you because of the lesson it depicts which is about patience, and how great things are worth waiting for.

The Chinese bamboo tree is an amazing 80-ft tree. The thing with this tree is you need to nurture it daily for five years – from the moment you planted it until it becomes a full-grown tree. Just imagine the effort you put in those years of watering it daily, exposing it to sunlight and taking care of it. It needs a lot of attention and care for five years and yet nothing happens.

But then suddenly, after five years, within just six weeks, it grew up to an eighty feet tall tree. It becomes the ‘wow’ that we’ve been waiting for years.

It’s not like nothing happened during those five years. The progress happened underneath the ground. Its roots grew stronger. It got everything it needs before it turns into an eighty feet tall tree.

The Chinese bamboo tree is like success.

You need to be well knowledgeable and experienced on the fundamentals or roots of success.

In any marketing strategy you use, you should be confident about it. For email marketing, you must be creative and sharp in terms of copywriting. You have to know which kind of emails work for your best – the one that will give you a higher open rate and click-through-rate. For video marketing, you must know what kind of videos get the most engagement from your viewers – is it training video or motivational video? For Facebook posting, you need to know what kind of posts get the most likes or comments.

That is something only time can tell. It takes time for your to know which strategy works best for you – especially if you are just starting, it may take about a month or two before you get an idea on which method is suitable for you.

The huge lesson here is patience.

If someone is only two months in the business and got like five or six sign-ups, that’s great. That is something to look at with a lot of pride. My teammate even if he is still doing his 9-5 job, he was able to hustle a side business that will soon make him escape his desk job. He spends a whole day planning all his tasks for the week and it is what helping him become more focused.

You have to look at the progress that is making you grow as a person. It is what will lead you to become more experienced and more professional in your niche.

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